With any canvas, whether you want a simple frame or even if you don't want a frame and would like to hang your canvas on your wall, you will need to stretch it. 

But, what does stretching your canvas mean and what purpose does it serve? 

Stretching your canvas means creating an inner frame that will provide the canvas support and help preserve your canvas. It also creates a strong base to frame the canvas. 

There are three types of canvas stretching services that we provide. 

1. Gallery Wrap: The most common type of stretch method used for a museum-like style canvas that doesn't require a frame as you will have nice clean edges sealed with either a black or white tape wrap. This is done on 2" wood


The next two canvas stretching types are "Regular Wraps" done on different size woods.

2. Regular Wrap with 2 x 1/4 wood giving more depth from the wall and mueum-like effect. 

3. Regular Wrap with 1 3/4" x 1/2" wood giving you a nice simple and thing canvas effect. 

Visit our location or give us a call to speak with any of our specialists about what canvas stretching method best fits your canvas!